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Al-Qadeer (which means the Powerful) this means that Allaah ( God) is attributed with Absolute Perfect Power which is an Eternal and Everlasting Attribute, by this Attribute Allaah brings things from the state of non-existence in to the state of existence and also annihilates things.

Explanation: Whatever exists comes in to existence by the Power, Creating, Knowledge and Destining of God. Just as everything exists we say God creates it and likewise the things that happen because they occur by the Power of Allaah. Annihilate means to destroy (be no more). To come in to existence and to disappear (be no more, to completely destroy and to end).

Shaykh Sameer Al Qadiyy

Explaining the Power of God (Allaah)

Whoever believes that Allaah (God) is a body; does not know his God and has blasphemed against Him.

Imaam ABoo Al-Hasan Al-^Ash^ariyy

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Al-Imam Al-Hasan Al-Bisriyy was asked:-

What is the secret behind your detaching from the Worldly matters?

He said what means:-

"I believed that Allaah sustained me with something no one else can take it from me. So I stopped getting worried.

And I believed that no one will do for me…

We have the belief that Allaah is exalted and clear from being a body, in a direction or a place and that God cannot be in a place and cannot be in any space; and that God cannot be in any direction.
All the directions are created by Allaah and are haadith (existing after non-existence).

Allaah is eternal and always existing; and in eternity, Allaah was not in any direction, because there was no space or directions. Hence, likewise now He is not in any space or direction.
He is now as He was. After creating the space and direction, Allaah did not change.
Space and directions change and Allaah is clear of change.

On page 618, volume 14 of Fataawaa Rizwiyyah it says that Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan was asked on the 7th of Muharram 1335 AH about the judgement of the one who claims that God is everywhere, relying upon verses such as ayah 115 of Surah Al-Baqarah (S2) and claiming that this was also the belief of Al-Ghazaaliyy and Mawlaana Roomiyy.

Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan Brailwiyy after explaining a few things about the Mutashaabihaat verses, he then explained that neither God nor His attributes dwell in the creation. On page 620 [volume 14 of Fataawaa Rizwiyyah] he wrote in the Urdu language

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Ayatul Kursi.


Ayatul Kursi.

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Greatest Articles of Faith 


Our teachers of Excellence taught us with an authentic chain of transmission leading straight back to Prophet MuHammaD, peace and blessings be upon him.

The following truth.

The Greatest Articles of faith are six as is evident from the famous hadith of Jibreel 1. They are:

●The belief in…

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